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Featuring works by Seluah Alsaati, Mikael Berglund, Malin Ekman, Lyra Ekström Lindbäck, Kaj Korkea-aho, Niklas Rådström and more.

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SBR is committed to bringing Swedish-language literature to the English-speaking world, and to promoting works in translation. In 2021, with the publication of our full online archive, we will be launching our new membership package. SBR membership gives you access to hundreds of reviews, translations and features on the latest in Swedish literature. 

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Book cover of Negar Naseh


En handful vind

Ulla-Lena Lundberg and Negar Naseh: two women writers from different generations and cultural backgrounds, with voices as distinctive as the settings of their narratives. Their novels Light and Flame and A Handful of Wind offer spell-binding insights into the landscapes of their minds.

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A farm in western Finland is passed down through four hundred years of the same family. Inherited Land explores family bonds and traditions, as well as individual personalities and experiences, of generations of the extended Nevabacka family.

Book cover of Anneli Jordahl


Björnjägarens döttrar

A band of orphans fights for survival – and against each other – in The Bear Hunter’s Daughters, Anneli Jordahl’s feminist retelling of Aleksis Kivi’s Seven Brothers. While the sisters prove that women can do everything men can do, do they really want to?

Book cover of Joanna Rubin Dranger


Ihågkom oss till liv

A moving new graphic memoir about tracing a family lost through the Holocaust, Remember Us To Life grapples not only with the war itself, but also its impact on younger generations and contemporary perspectives on minorities and outsiderness.

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