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Featuring works by Susanna Alakoski, Eija Hetekivi Olsson, Kjell Johansson, Mats Jonsson, Anneli Jordahl, Jenny Wrangborg and more.


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online event

Writing the Pandemic: Exploring Fear & Uncertainty in Fiction & Non-Fiction

Critically acclaimed authors Johan Anderberg and Jessica Schiefauer in conversation with Alice E. Olsson

The authors joined Swedish Book Review for a live panel discussion on the different roles that fiction and non-fiction can play in approaching crises that are still unfolding.

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Book cover of Singulariteten



The Swedish word sorgearbete (mourning) evokes the work we do to process our sorrow. The Singularity, the latest novel from Kurdish-Swedish author Balsam Karam, is the embodiment of such work, and can only be described as lyrical, stirring, and immensely powerful.

Book cover of Undergången



In an expansive collection of poetry dealing explicitly with climate change and COVID-19, Malte Persson explores the meaning of time of and beyond humanity. Annihilation, ranging in scope from single poems to a 60-page epic, uses rhyme to impose a sense of order in an increasingly disordered world.



In Sara Lundberg's The Day of Forgetting, we see that some days are just like that. You forget what you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go. You might even embarrass yourself by getting things wrong. But don’t worry: we all know what it feels like, and we know it does get better.

Book cover of Svart Sol


Svart sol

A woman is admitted to a secure psychiatric ward claiming she needs to prevent a terrorist attack. In the suspenseful thriller Black sun, Andreas Norman unpicks a white supremacist conspiracy to assassinate the Swedish prime minister.

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