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Featuring works by Kerstin Ekman, Magnus Florin, Aya Kanbar, Lisa Röstlund, Elin Wägner, Mikael Yvesand and more.

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Mikael Yvesand sitting on concrete barrier on open road


from Hang City by Mikael Yvesand

In his debut novel, which won the 2023 Borås Tidning's Debut Prize, Yvesand has perfectly captured the dreaminess not only of bright, long summers but also the voice and energy of a thirteen-year-old.
Translated by Sophie Ruthven.

Elin Wägner in 2017, wearing a black dress and beads.


Old Wives' Meeting by Elin Wägner

In this short story, a disagreement between a clergyman and his wife in a rural parish serves as a prelude to an incisive exploration of the clashes that inevitably occur between tradition and innovation, faith, superstition and reason.
Translated by Sarah Death.

Kerstin Ekman with dog in forest landscape.


from My Book World by Kerstin Ekman

One of the most prominent voices in twentieth and twenty-first century Swedish literature, Kerstin Ekman enters into dialogue with her own literary heroes, detailing the works that have influenced her own reading and writing life.
Translated by Linda Schenck.

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Latest reviews

Book cover of Annika Norlin



In Annika Norlin’s debut novel The Ant Hill, An alternative lifestyle brings rewards and challenges for a group of people who reject mainstream society.

Book cover of Jonas Gardell


Fjollornas fest

In Sissy, Jonas Gardell writes another collective literary testimony from Stockholm’s gay community. This time, the sissies – said to be the most despised even by the gay community – take centre stage.

Book cover of Cecilia Vårhed


Fattigt Skryt

With its appealingly coloured tales of a group of twenty-something friends that shun strict realism for a more psychological take, Cecilia Vårhed’s graphic novel Empty Boasting has fun with the genre.

Book cover of Anders Teglund



Enforcers of unfree labour are victims and perpetrators: in The Slavedriver, Anders Teglund combines reportage and historical essays to examine that grim paradox.

Sibelius monument as viewed from below
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