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Featuring works by Olivia Bergdahl, Jonas Brun, Karolina Ramqvist, Margit Silberstein, Jila Mossaed and more.

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Olivia Bergdahl in red scarf standing in front of tower blocks
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from Health & Care by Olivia Bergdahl

In her latest book, spoken-word poet Olivia Bergdahl explores what it means to be cast into the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis while pregnant, and to survive.
Translated by Linda Schenck.

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Red child sits on suitcase near queue of evacuees in Lviv.


‘My Ukrainian publisher’s son said he wasn’t frightened – but the war changed him’

Before the war the Swedish writer Sara Stridsberg had never had any contact with her Ukrainian publisher. When Russia invaded Ukraine she sent an email. Here she writes about the exchange that followed, the family that was forced to flee, and the place of literature in the ongoing war.
Translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner.

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Book cover of Moa Romanova


På glid

A loosely autobiographical tale of touring musicians, anxiety, suicide and drug use, narrated in nail polish colours, Moa Romanova’s Off the Rails is an image-driven, witty and moving account of friendship.

Book cover of Kitoko by Kayo Mpoyi and Linn Grebäck



Kayo Mpoyi's Kitoko (meaning ‘beautiful’) is the touching story of how a little girl helps her father find hope again.

Book cover of Dick Harrison


Herrens år 1400

A heinous criminal - or criminals - stalk the alleys, passages, churches and walls of medieval Visby. No one is safe until Thierry of Liège doggedly gets to the truth in Dick Harrison’s latest crime fiction.

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