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Featuring works by Mikael Bergstrand, Kerstin Ekman, Anna-Lena Laurén, Björn Ranelid, Maria Wine, Nina Wähä and more.

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Gun-Britt Sundström wearing a denim jacket with a short blond bob, sitting backwards on a chair
Gun-Britt Sundström. Photo: Ulla Montan
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from Best of Husbands by Gun-Britt Sundström

In her seminal novel, which has engaged and provoked readers since its publication in 1976, Gun-Britt Sundström explores the turbulent relationship between two people as they struggle to reconcile their differing needs.
Translated by Kathy Saranpa.

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Kerstin Ekman with dog in forest landscape.


from The Wolf Run by Kerstin Ekman

Kerstin Ekman returns with her first novel in ten years, an intimate and captivating tale of a man and his wife of many years, of their love for their community, their family, their dogs and for the natural world of which they are a part.
Translated by Linda Schenck.

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Book cover of den svarta månens år


Den svarta månens år

‘The absurd is a reality, he thought, forming a snowball between his hands, there’s no need to twist the text to find it, it’s there all the time.’ Year of the Black Moon, a delightful but troubling existential detective novel, follows a disillusioned scholar on an epic quest for clues and meaning when his normal life is derailed by concussion.

Book cover of Inte din baby


Inte din baby

In Seluah Alsaati’s Not Your Baby we meet Samira: star football player and burgeoning rapper, perhaps the next Cardi B. She knows who her friends are, and what she wants from a guy – three simple demands, nothing complicated. Then she meets Nabil, and her whole world is turned upside down ... and not totally for the better.

Book cover of Hemtjänstmaffian



An account of a remarkable court case against the most unlikely of criminal gangs – private home care providers – is followed by well-informed commentary, case histories and interviews in The Home Care Mafia. Finally, a piece of journalistic dynamite: a unique list, naming and shaming assorted provider organisations and local authorities.

intersecting tram lines on cobbled street
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