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New Finland-Swedish literature, including works by Emma Ahlgren, Ann-Luise Bertell, Sofia Chanfreau and Amanda Chanfreau, Matilda Gyllenberg, Hannah Lutz, Ulrika Nielsen, Peter Sandström, Ellen Strömberg, Matilda Södergran, Quynh Tran, Maria Turtschaninoff, Robert Åsbacka and more.

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Special issue translations

Matilda Södergran in profile


from Nell by Matilda Södergran

In her first work of prose, poet Matilda Södergran turns her finely honed lyricism to themes of loneliness and loss, writing with astute psychological depth and striking, at times dreamlike, imagery.
Translated by Bradley Harmon.

Translations - 2023:2

Young woman wearing peach-coloured hijab and a pink jacket smiles at the camera in front of yellow building.


from Yani by Nora Khalil

In her August-Prize-nominated Yani, Nora Khalil tells a collective coming-of-age story about alienation and belonging among a close-knit group of friends in suburban Stockholm.
Translated by Catherine Venner.

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Latest reviews

Book cover of Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo


I slutet borde jag dö

Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo's short, fragmented gem of a novel in which a woman ponders her impossible relationship with a married man, trying to figure out what to do with a love that is not supposed to exist. In a lovely poetic prose that glimmers with dark humour she tries to write her way back to inner strength and her own true self.

Book cover of Sara Gordan



Sara Gordan’s The Night was received with unanimous, overwhelmingly warm praise for her unique style of novelistic autobiography that focuses on a troubled, loving parenthood.

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