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Featuring works by Olivia Bergdahl, Jonas Brun, Karolina Ramqvist, Margit Silberstein, Jila Mossaed and more.

Photo by Gustav Nilsson on Unsplash.


Cranes in cloudy Gothenburg port


Featuring works by Olivia Bergdahl, Jonas Brun, Karolina Ramqvist, Margit Silberstein, Jila Mossaed and more.

close up of birch leaves in dappled light


Featuring works by Mikael Bergstrand, Kerstin Ekman, Anna-Lena Laurén, Björn Ranelid, Maria Wine, Nina Wähä and more.

tram rails on cobbled street


Featuring works by Susanna Alakoski, Eija Hetekivi Olsson, Kjell Johansson, Mats Jonsson, Anneli Jordahl, Jenny Wrangborg and more.

forest meeting lake shore


Featuring works from Hjalmar Bergman, Kerstin Ekman, Elin Anna Labba, Jila Mossaed,Jessica Schiefauer, Axel Åhman and more.


Emerging Voices in Swedish Literature: Balsam Karam, Kayo Mpoyi, Joel Mauricio Isabel Ortiz, Adrian Perera and Pooneh Rohi. Report on 'Translators at Work' and interview with Tom Geddes.


Fiction by Kerstin Ekman, Magnus Dahlström and Johanna Holmström. Interviews with Marlaine Delargy and Susanna Bergström Larsson. Bernard Shaw Prize for Swedish Translation.


Nature in the writing of Therése Söderlind and Ann-Helén Laestadius. Interview with Elisabeth Åsbrink.
A new look at translation statistics.


Fiction from Anni Blomqvist and Martin Kellerman. Sara Stridsberg addresses the Swedish Academy. 'A Day in the Life' of Publicity manager Nichola Smalley (And Other Stories).


Fiction from Stina Stoor, Elisabeth Östnäs and Carl-Michael Edenborg, Interview with Sarah Death.


Fiction by Alexander Koistinen and Torgny Lindgren. In memory of Helena Forsås-Scott: Elin Wägner and Karin Boye. Interview with publisher Janet Garton of Norvik Press.


Children's and YA fiction from Cilla Naumann and Frida Nilsson. Interviews with children's book publisher Julia Marshall (Gecko Press) and the book blogger Bookwitch.


Writing by Aino Trosell, Astrid Trotzig and Jonas Karlsson. Report of the Tove Jansson Centennial Conference.

Peter Grant Icehotel. Imagebank Sweden


Fiction by Jens Liljestrand, graphic novels by Marcus Ivarsson and Pär Thörn, poetry by Karin Boye and a look at 'crossover' fiction.


Fiction by Maria Ernestam and Gabriella Håkansson and short stories by Åsa Foster and 'Three Gentlemen'.


Fiction from Lotta Lundberg and Fredrik Lindström, poetry from Ingela Strandberg, and cultural commentary from Nina Björk


Surreal satire by Daniel Sjön, non-fiction by Klas Åmark, an essay on Selma Lagerlöf by Paul Binding and a workshop on translating Jonas Hassen Khemiri


Fiction by Sigrid Combüchen, Jonas Karlsson and Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo, and an interview with Henrik Berggren


Fiction by Håkan Nesser and Agneta Pleijel, and tributes to the poet Ragnar Thoursie and scholar-poet Göran Printz-Påhlson