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Issue number: 2018:2


Fiction by Johanna Nilsson and Jenny Jägerfeld.
Biography of Ingmar Bergman.

Editor: Deborah Bragan-Turner


(Image: Ingmar Bergman. © Bengt Wanselius)


Jenny Jägerfeld

Translated Extract

from Comedy Queen by Jenny Jägerfeld

Comedy Queen tackles a dramatic and painful situation with the bold energy and humour for which Jägerfeld has become renowned. It deals with one of the most devastating events to affect a child – a mother’s suicide – and is the story of twelve-year-old Sasha’s survival technique.
Translated by Susan Beard


compiled and edited by Fiona Graham


Hon, han och hjärnan

Markus Heilig, a psychiatrist turned neuroscientist, has set himself an ambitious project: to explain sex differences in brain structure and function and to show what happens in brains – not just the human one – at different stages of development.



With her feminist dystopia, Karam joins acclaimed authors such as Johannes Anyuru and Jonas Hassen Khemiri in carving out space for a new speculative fiction emanating from Sweden – one that renews the genre by foregrounding questions of diversity and race in a place so often idealised as a social utopia. ​



It rings true on so many levels, and women especially will relate very personally to this intimate story of the painful transition from girlhood to womanhood. ​

Book cover



In Hemmet, a horror novel set in a care home, Mats Strandberg sidesteps clichés to produce a haunting tale of dementia and the greatest fear of all; losing control of ourselves.