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Neoscandia is a dystopia set in the future. This graphic novel by Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo and Catherine Anyango Grünewald is a page-turner that merits multiple re-readings and translation.



Sara Stridsberg's moving book for children echoes her award-winning adult novel, The Gravity of Love, and is gorgeously illustrated by Sara Lundberg.


The PAX series

If this is all starting to sound like a combination of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, mixed with Nordic mythology, and with a large hint of Nordic noir added, then that’s a pretty accurate description.

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Apan i mitten

This standalone sequel to Tre apor (Three Monkeys) clearly depicts the tension between staying with one’s own kind versus assimilation, and the challenges that come with belonging to various different groups.



In Sara Lundberg's The Day of Forgetting, we see that some days are just like that. You forget what you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go. You might even embarrass yourself by getting things wrong. But don’t worry: we all know what it feels like, and we know it does get better.

Book cover of När vi var samer


När vi var samer

Mats Jonsson tried to avoid thinking about his Sámi heritage for decades. In When We Were Sámi he realises that he has no choice but to face it and to try to understand where Sámi people fit in Sweden’s history.

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De oförglömliga

Gabriella Ahlström's first novel for adults is unlike other popular contemporary Swedish books in its focus on character over plot, and readers can appreciate its minutely detailed portrait of a woman who is constantly disappointed by her family and aware of their many faults and yet remains faithful and devoted to them.


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