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Kerstin Ekman

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Works by Kerstin Ekman

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Se blomman

Dedicated amateur botanists Ekman and Eriksson provide a unique mixture of curiosity and enthusiasm, science and scholarship, with the addition of an acute awareness of cultural and environmental change.

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Mordets praktik

Kerstin Ekman’s first-person narrator, a down-at-heel physician, follows up on a chance encounter with the writer Hjalmar Söderberg by providing him with information on potassium cyanide pills as an instrument of death...

Kerstin Ekman with dog in forest landscape.


from My Book World by Kerstin Ekman

One of the most prominent voices in twentieth and twenty-first century Swedish literature, Kerstin Ekman enters into dialogue with her own literary heroes, detailing the works that have influenced her own reading and writing life.
Translated by Linda Schenck.