New Books

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published
in English translation in 2022

compiled by Alice E. Olsson

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New Books 2022

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New Books 2022

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published in English translation in 2022

compiled by Alice E. Olsson


Cruel Tides

by Maria Adolfsson, translated by Agnes Broomé

Bonnier Books, 2022

A secluded island. A missing woman. An impossible choice. Detective Inspector Karen Eiken Hornby is not the only person to have returned to her native island nation, Doggerland, after years abroad.


Wild Shores

by Maria Adolfsson, translated by Agnes Broomé

Bonnier Books, February 2022

It’s Christmas time, and Karen is still off work following the injuries she sustained in Doggerland: Deception. Now, a man is found dead in a disused quarry, and it looks to be no accident.


Son of Svea: A Tale of the People’s Home

by Lena Andersson, translated by Sarah Death

Other Press, February 2022

This wry sideways look at modern Swedish social history is a novel of big ideas, claustrophobic families and generational divides. A tale of lovingly-crafted wood, excessive baking and dutiful competitive sport, and of a man whose overriding urge was not to get above his station.


Death in Summer

by Lina Areklew, translated by Tara F. Chace

Canelo , May 2022

A poignant crime novel about loneliness and sorrow which takes off with the tragic sinking of M/S Estonia in 1994. Many years later, Fredrik Fröding struggles with anxiety, convinced that his brother somehow survived the sinking and ends up in the middle of a murder investigation led by a lover from his past. She is the investigator, he is her suspect.


Dr. B.

by Daniel Birnbaum, translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner

Fourth Estate, May 2022

HarperCollins (US), May 2022

The former director of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm makes his literary debut with this dramatic and riveting novel of book publishing, émigrés, spies and diplomats in World War II Sweden, based on his grandfather’s life.


You Are Next

by Arne Dahl, translated by Ian Giles

Harvill Secker, November 2022

Detective Inspector Sam Berger returns with his life turned upside down: he’s under suspicion of murder and his partner, Molly Blom, is in a coma.



by Pascal Engman, translated by Michael Gallagher

Legend Press, September 2022

With lean prose and breathless pacing, Femicide leaps into action from the first page. In Detective Inspector Vanessa Frank and her informant Nicholas Parades, Engman has created a pair to rival Michael Connelly’s Ballard & Bosch.


Walk Me to the Corner

by Anneli Furmark, translated by Hanna Strömberg

Drawn and Quarterly, March 2022

Stability withers where passion blossoms in this cool-toned meditation on mid-life relationships. In lush watercolour washes and pencil crayons, Anneli Furmark’s Walk Me to the Corner is a gorgeous portrait of desire and heartbreak, and the painful gamble the heart sometimes choses in spite of the mind.



by Per Hagman, translated by Elinor Fahrman

Nordisk Books, April 2022

This groundbreaking generation novel and cult classic takes place in the early summer of 1989 and is written with a smart sense of humour, mixed with that Hagmanesque bittersweet and sentimental summertime sadness.



by Johanne Lykke Holm, translated by Saskia Vogel

Lolli Editions, October 2022

Riverhead (US), November 2022

The Shining meets Virgin Suicides in this enchanting and atmospheric razor blade of a novel.


Dark Music

by David Lagercrantz, translated by Ian Giles

MacLehose Press, August 2022

The first instalment in a new series inspired by Sherlock Holmes: a murder investigation brings together two unlikely allies in a race to uncover a shadowy international conspiracy.


The Tale of the Tiny Man

by Barbro Lindgren & Eva Eriksson, translated by Julia Marshall

Gecko Press, February 2022

A touching picture book that explores learning how to make and share friends, feelings of being left out and discovering group dynamics – a much-loved classic children’s story in Sweden.



by Camilla Läckberg & Henrik Fexeus, translated by Ian Giles

HarperCollins, May 2022

Detective Mina Dabiri teams up with celebrity mentalist Vincent Walder to stop a serial killer who will stop at nothing to get the duo’s attention.


The Other Sister

by Peter Mohlin & Peter Nyström, translated by Ian Giles

The Overlook Press, November 2022

FBI Agent John Adderley is assigned a new case in his new life as a Karlstad policeman, all while the shadows of his former life loom large. It isn’t long before the two begin to merge.


Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii

by Måns Mosesson, translated by Brad Harmon

Sphere, November 2021

Mobius (North America), January 2022

The intimate biography of the iconic DJ who was lost too soon.


The Ape Star

by Frida Nilsson, translated by Julia Marshall

Gecko Press, August 2022

This award-winning, funny and memorable book is about Jonna who gets adopted by a gorilla – about unconventional friendship and unexpected families, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different.



by Martin Nordin, translated by Ian Giles

Hardie Grant, August 2022

Following successful forays into the world of veggie burgers and cooking with fire, Nordin explores the culinary delights of mushrooms.



by Steve Sem-Sandberg, translated by Saskia Vogel

The Overlook Press, June 2022

Inspired by Georg Büchner’s play about the loyal foot soldier Woyzeck, Sem-Sandberg has written a ruthless study of the vulnerable human being, of the abyss that, according to Büchner, constitutes every person.


The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson

by Kristina Sigunsdotter & Ester Eriksson, translated by Julia Marshall

Gecko Press, May 2022

A bright, contemporary and fearless novel about an ordinary extraordinary eleven-year-old trying to win back her best friend and get her mother to stop sighing, winner of the August Prize for best children’s book 2020.


The Resting Place

by Camilla Sten, translated by Alexandra Fleming

Minotaur Books, March 2022

A secluded manor and chilling family history set the scene for this engrossing, character-rich suspense novel from international sensation Camilla Sten.


Buried in Secret

by Viveca Sten, translated by Marlaine Delargy

Amazon Crossing, January 2022

The friendship between Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson and lawyer Nora Linde is put to its test when hidden secrets and infected family affairs are brought to light in this page-turning crime novel.


The Summer of Diving

by Sara Stridsberg & Sara Lundberg, translated by B.J. Epstein

Seven Stories Press, June 2022

A beautiful story of a child coping with her father's absence. A book that tackles a difficult subject with great tenderness, validating a child's experience of a parent suffering from depression.


The Reddest Rose

by Liv Strömquist, translated by Melissa Bowers

Fantagraphics Books, September 2022

The internationally acclaimed activist follows up her satirical work of graphic medicine with this collection of humorous comics essays about how historical and societal shifts have altered — and perhaps destroyed — 'romantic love'.


A System So Magnificent It Is Blinding

by Amanda Svensson, translated by Nichola Smalley

Scribe, July 2022

Are we free to create our own destinies or are we just part of a system beyond our control? A joyful family saga about free will, forgiveness, and how we are all interconnected.


Carnality: A Novel

by Lina Wolff, translated by Frank Perry

Other Press, July 2022

In this latest novel from the award-winning author of The Polyglot Lovers, a writer searching for inspiration in Spain goes on a darkly comic, delightfully absurd journey through an underground society.