New Books

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published
in English translation in 2023

compiled by Alice E. Olsson

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New Books 2023

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New Books 2023

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published in English translation in 2023

compiled by Alice E. Olsson


You Will Never Be Found

by Tove Alsterdal, translated by Alice Menzies

Faber & Faber, February 2023

Harper Collins (US), January 2023

A man is locked inside an abandoned house – but he’s not the only one. This atmospheric, edge-of-your-seat rural crime starring local detective Eira Sjödin will keep you guessing till the end.


Fire From the Sky

by Moa Backe Åstot, translated by Eva Apelqvist

LevineQuerido, September 2023

Ánte’s life has been defined by Sámi traditions, and he loves working with the reindeer. But when his feelings for his best friend Erik change, it feels impossible to combine reindeer husbandry with the life that he wants.


Sixty-Four Minutes with Rebecka (bilingual English/French edition)

by Ingmar Bergman, translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner (English) & Jean-Baptiste Bardin (French)

Editions Belloni in collaboration with Cinematograph, March 2023

Bergman’s view of the political turmoil and sexual liberation of the late 1960s. A missing link in Bergman’s oeuvre, this script was written in 1969 as part of an omnibus film collaboration with Kurosawa and Fellini that was never made.


The Man Who Organized Nature

by Gunnar Broberg, translated by Anna Paterson

Princeton University Press, September 2023 (UK) and July 2023 (US)

A new biography of Carl Linnaeus, Sweden’s perhaps most famous man of science, based on extensive research into primary sources and offering a vivid, engaging portrait of Linnaeus’s life and work.


More Numbers Every Day

by Micael Dahlen & Helge Thorbjørnsen, translated by Paul Norlen

Hachette, March 2023

An entertaining and informative look at how numbers and data of all kinds increasingly guide and control our lives, and what we can do about it.


The Scaler of Peaks

by Karin Erlandsson, translated by Annie Prime

Dedalus Books, March 2023

Feminist fantasy adventure novel for young adults. Third in The Song of the Eye Stone series.


The Victor

by Karin Erlandsson, translated by Annie Prime

Dedalus Books, 2023

Feminist fantasy adventure novel for young adults. Fourth in The Song of the Eye Stone series.


Questions I Am Asked About the Holocaust: Young Readers’ Edition

by Hédi Fried, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Scribe, April 2023

A young readers’ edition of the bestselling book from Auschwitz survivor Hédi Fried that answers lasting questions about the Holocaust.


The Details

by Ia Genberg, translated by Kira Josefsson

Wildfire, August 2023

HarperVia (US), August 2023

August Prize-winner The Details is a novel of four portraits and a thousand details, about beat-up softcovers, psychedelic dancing, and paralyzing anxiety. What’s the perfect Y2K dress? Can a loved one really disappear? And who is that in the portrait – the person depicted, or she who holds the brush?


Black Ice

by Carin Gerhardsen, translated by Ian Giles

Head of Zeus, January 2023

In the snow-covered silence of Swedish midwinter, a terrible accident and a deadly secret draws several strangers together...


The Attention Fix

by Dr Anders Hansen, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Vermilion Books, August 2023

In The Attention Fix, Hansen shares an informative guide to what unrestricted social media use is actually doing to our brains, and the practical steps we can take to break the addiction cycle.


The Happiness Cure

by Dr Anders Hansen, translated by Alex Fleming

Vermilion Books, February 2023

Blending neuroscientific research with stories of ordinary individuals, leading psychiatrist and viral TedX speaker Dr Anders Hansen explores how an evolutionary take on life can help us to re-set our perspective on happiness to find longer-term meaning and lasting contentment.


Billie and Bean at the Beach

by Julia Hansson, translated by B.J. Woodstein

Orca, February 2023

Billie isn't sure whether she dares to swim at the beach, but with some help from her dog Bean, she learns there is peace and beauty in the water.


The Spider

by Lars Kepler, translated by Alice Menzies

Zaffre, May 2023

Knopf (US), July 2023

A killer is spinning a sinister web and the police are caught dead center.


Rhubarb Lemonade

by Oskar Kroon, translated by Annie Prime

Hot Key Books, June 2023

Poignant coming-of-age drama about a young girl dealing with young love and her parents’ divorce.


Even if Everything Ends

by Jens Liljestrand, translated by Alice Menzies

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, June 2023

Gallery/Scout Press (US), May 2023

Life goes on in the face of a climate crisis in this astonishing and unforgettable debut novel that follows four characters as they struggle to survive in a burning world.


Most Beloved Sister & Mirabelle

by Astrid Lindgren, translated by Linda Schenck

Novellix, April 2023

A new translation of two early short stories by Sweden’s classic children’s author of the late 1900s, Astrid Lindgren.


The Bridge

by Eva Lindström, translated by Annie Prime

Astra Young Readers (US), August 2023

Charming picture book by classic children’s author.



by Camilla Läckberg & Henrik Fexeus, translated by Ian Giles

Harper Collins, May 2023

A young child is snatched in broad daylight outside his nursery. Nobody in charge sees a thing, but the other children say a woman is the culprit…


We Are Lions!

by Jens Mattsson & Jenny Lucander, translated by B.J. Woodstein

Groundwood Books, March 2023

One sibling gets seriously ill, leaving his brother alone and worried in this moving picture book.


The Highly Sensitive Person and Intuition

by Helen Olausson, translated by B.J. Woodstein

Vulkan, October 2022

In this self-help book, people who are highly sensitive are encouraged to use their sensitivity in ways that bring them more energy and happiness.


Sexuality in the Swedish Police

by Jens Rennstam, translated by B.J. Woodstein

Routledge, January 2023

This academic book is a detailed study of the processes of inclusion and exclusion as they play out in the Swedish police force.


The Night Raven

by Johan Rundberg, translated by Annie Prime

Amazon Crossing Kids, August 2023

Bestselling YA crime thriller set in brutal 19th century Stockholm. First book in The Moonwind Mysteries.


The Queen of Thieves

by Johan Rundberg, translated by Annie Prime

Amazon Crossing Kids, October 2023

Bestselling YA crime thriller set in brutal 19th century Stockholm. Second book in The Moonwind Mysteries.


Rest in Peace

by Sofie Sarenbrant, translated by Paul Norlen

BookBeat, April 2023

The guests at a luxury spa in Sweden start dying mysteriously, prompting an investigation by Inspector Emma Sköld.


The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons

by Karin Smirnoff, translated by Sarah Death

MacLehose Press, August 2023

The Norrbotten region of Sweden is a magnet to sinister incomers as its rich natural resources start to generate vast flows of money. Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, each brought to the area by family matters, find themselves at the eye of the storm as people dear to them become targets.



by Erik Svetoft, translated by Melissa Bowers

Fantagraphics Books, February 2023

This nightmarish debut, a biting critique of consumer society and the “wellness” industry, recalls the films of David Lynch and Lars Von Trier and the horror manga of Junji Ito.


The Autists: Women on the Spectrum

by Clara Törnvall, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Scribe, June 2023

An incisive and deeply candid account that explores autistic women in culture, myth, and society through the prism of the author’s own diagnosis.