New Books

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published
in English translation in 2024

compiled by Alice E. Olsson

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New Books 2024

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New Books 2024

Some of the Swedish and Finland-Swedish books published in English translation in 2024

compiled by Alice E. Olsson



by Johannes Anyuru, translated by Nichola Smalley

Two Lines Press (US), October 2024

A story of stories about the nature of truth, memory and belonging in a changing society.



by Linnéa Axelsson, translated by Saskia Vogel

Pushkin Press, January 2024

Knopf (US), January 2024

A moving, revelatory novel-in-verse about the struggle and persistence of two Indigenous Sámi families over a century.


Under the Storm

by Christoffer Carlsson, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Hogarth, February 2024

When a young woman is found murdered inside a burned home, life in the small community of Marbäck changes for all, not least a young boy called Isak and rookie cop Vidar Jörgensson.


The Mermaid

by Anki Edvinsson, translated by Paul Norlen

Thomas & Mercer, March 2024

Could the prime suspect in a murder be a victim too?


The Group

by Sigge Eklund, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Bonnier Books UK, August 2024

After moving to Madrid, Hanna becomes swept up in the extravagant lives of three wealthy Swedish expats and takes a great risk to remain part of their group.


The ADHD Advantage

by Dr Anders Hansen, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Vermilion, August 2024

In The ADHD Advantage, leading psychiatrist and viral TedX speaker Dr Anders Hansen shows you how to turn your diagnosis into an asset, handle the negative aspects of ADHD, and find joy in the fact we aren't all the same.


Cookies and Crumbs

by Kaja Hengstenberg, translated by Ian Giles

Quadrille, April 2024

Chunky, chewy, gooey cookies for every mood.


Garden Hacks

by Filip Johansson, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Murdoch Books, April 2024

70 smart hacks taking you through each season of the gardening year in a friendly way, with clear step-by-step instructions.



by Hanna Johansson, translated by Kira Josefsson

Scribe, April 2024

Catapult (US), February 2024

Elegant, slippery, and provocative, Antiquity is a queer Lolita story by prize-winning Swedish author Hanna Johansson – a story of desire, power, obsession, observation, and taboo.


The Singularity

by Balsam Karam, translated by Saskia Vogel

Fitzcarraldo Editions, January 2024

The Feminist Press, January 2024

Lyrical and devastating, The Singularity is a breathtaking study of grief, migration, and motherhood from one of Sweden’s most exciting new novelists.


The Rocks Will Echo Our Sorrow

by Elin Anna Labba, translated by Fiona Graham

University of Minnesota Press, April 2024

A polyphonic text which movingly re-imagines the experiences of dispossessed Sámi people in often hauntingly lyrical prose.


The Cuckoo

by Camilla Läckberg, translated by Ian Giles

Hemlock Press, May 2024

The long-awaited return of Hedström and Falck.


The Mountain King

by Anders de la Motte, translated by Alex Fleming

Atria Books, January 2024

Urban exploration meets Scandinavian folklore in this sinister, deftly plotted thriller helmed by the brilliant and inscrutable investigator Leonore Asker.



by Hanna Nordenhök, translated by Saskia Vogel

Book*hug Press, October 2024

On a remote country estate in the 19th century, a renowned obstetrician keeps a young girl that he once carved out of her mother’s body. It is the dawn of modern gynaecology, when the female body appears as a cryptic landscape and male hubris reigns.


Deliver Me

by Malin Persson Giolito, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Other Press, March 2024

Giolito explores the effects of gang criminality on Swedish youth through the lens of two boys who become best friends despite the very different circumstances of their family lives.


Malma Station

by Alex Schulman, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Fleet, March 2024

Three train trips, all to tiny Malma Station, at different points in time – what family secrets will be revealed at the destination?


The Dunning-Kruger Effect

by Andrés Stoopendaal, translated by Alex Fleming

Atria Books, June 2024

Described by Svenska Dagbladet as 'a crackling firework display of comic brilliance', Andrés Stoopendaal's breakthrough novel is a portrait of a person belatedly coming of age, as well as a blistering takedown of a privileged man who believes himself a revolutionary.


Hunter in Huskvarna

by Sara Stridsberg, translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner

MacLehose Press, January 2024

A collection of eleven genre-spanning short stories held together by a sense of loss and longing.



by Andrzej Tichý, translated by Nichola Smalley

And Other Stories, June 2024

Stories that lead us through streets, apartments and cities ringing with voices full of fury, compassion and brilliance.


The Autist's Guide to the Galaxy

by Clara Törnvall, translated by Alice E. Olsson

Scribe, July 2024

A playful guide to understanding the ways of ‘normal people’ that flips our usual scripts about neurodiversity.


The Devil's Grip

by Lina Wolff, translated by Saskia Vogel

Other Press (US), April 2024

Wickedly dark with a mystical edge, this story of an Italian love affair gone bad captures the irresistible pull of toxic relationships – from the acclaimed author of Carnality.