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Sarah Death

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Elin Wägner in 2017, wearing a black dress and beads.


Old Wives' Meeting by Elin Wägner

In this short story, a disagreement between a clergyman and his wife in a rural parish serves as a prelude to an incisive exploration of the clashes that inevitably occur between tradition and innovation, faith, superstition and reason.
Translated by Sarah Death.





There is delightful period detail in food, dress and pop songs on tangle- prone cassette tapes, but older history is ever present in this sea-facing kingdom that is trying to turn its back on time.



An atmospheric novel set on the fictional island of Ör, off Ulla-Lena Lundberg’s native Åland Islands, finds this seasoned and much-lauded writer on top form.

Book cover of Gränsmark



Borderland is a new outing for Aino Trosell’s working-class heroine Siv Dahlin, who is now a postwoman in the remote region of Finnmark, where cuts in services are piling on the pressure and local sensibilities are stirred by both wolf attacks and refugee problems.

Book cover of den svarta månens år


Den svarta månens år

‘The absurd is a reality, he thought, forming a snowball between his hands, there’s no need to twist the text to find it, it’s there all the time.’ Year of the Black Moon, a delightful but troubling existential detective novel, follows a disillusioned scholar on an epic quest for clues and meaning when his normal life is derailed by concussion.

Book cover


Den falske vännen

Henrik Nilsson's clever and stylish debut novel offers us an exciting, multi-layered tale set in fin de siècle Vienna, in which books are the real heroes and Vatican bankers and Papal conspiracy theories have to take their allotted place in the literary jigsaw.

Book cover


Nobels testamente

The stage is set for the sixth Annika Bengtzon novel by Liza Marklund, in which our heroine finds herself in the murky world of cutting-edge medical research, where the financial and academic stakes are huge, and mutual suspicion and back-stabbing are the norm.

book cover of Inger Edelfeldt


De som ger sig av

Inger Edelfeldt's Scheherazade-like sequence for today’s fantasy fans weaves an unsettling tale of suppression of freedom in multiple worlds and provides a pithy commentary on the mechanics of storytelling in the process.


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