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Axel Åhman in brown jacket


The Sauna Throne by Axel Åhman

At a public swimming pool somewhere in Finland, a young man decides to take a sauna. The ensuing sweaty power struggle is a hilarious, finely tuned exploration of masculinity, linguistic identity and the corrupting nature of power
Translated by D.E. Hurford

Pooneh Rohi. Photo Linda Gren


from The Arab by Pooneh Rohi

With the two interwoven stories in her debut novel, Pooneh Rohi has joined a fray of new voices who chronicle the experience of trying to fit in in a country that fundamentally appears to reject you.
Translated by Kira Josefsson

Jenny Jägerfeld

Translated Extract

from Comedy Queen by Jenny Jägerfeld

Comedy Queen tackles a dramatic and painful situation with the bold energy and humour for which Jägerfeld has become renowned. It deals with one of the most devastating events to affect a child – a mother’s suicide – and is the story of twelve-year-old Sasha’s survival technique.
Translated by Susan Beard