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Bradley Harmon in front of trees

Lend Me Your Language: Inspired Reflections on Jila Mossaed’s Swedish Poetry

Bradley Harmon reflects upon Jila Mossaed’s Swedish poetry, exploring freedom, survival and the breath of poetry, and the possibilities and limitations of writing in a new language.
By Bradley Harmon.

Book cover of Kitoko by Kayo Mpoyi and Linn Grebäck


Kayo Mpoyi's Kitoko (meaning ‘beautiful’) is the touching story of how a little girl helps her father find hope again.

Book cover of Dick Harrison

Herrens år 1400

A heinous criminal - or criminals - stalk the alleys, passages, churches and walls of medieval Visby. No one is safe until Thierry of Liège doggedly gets to the truth in Dick Harrison’s latest crime fiction.

Karolina Ramqvist seated in grey suit.

from Bread and Milk by Karolina Ramqvist

In her essayistic memoir Bread and Milk, Swedish writer Karolina Ramqvist traces a girlhood through food, exploring how what we eat is inexorably intertwined with how we love.
Translated by Saskia Vogel.

Red child sits on suitcase near queue of evacuees in Lviv.

‘My Ukrainian publisher’s son said he wasn’t frightened – but the war changed him’

Before the war the Swedish writer Sara Stridsberg had never had any contact with her Ukrainian publisher. When Russia invaded Ukraine she sent an email. Here she writes about the exchange that followed, the family that was forced to flee, and the place of literature in the ongoing war.
Translated by Deborah Bragan-Turner.

Woman standing in front of woodland backdrop

from Children of the Holocaust by Margit Silberstein

Swedish journalist and writer Margit Silberstein tells the story of her parents’ escape from the Holocaust, interwoven with her own experience of navigating her Jewish heritage while growing up in postwar Sweden.
Translated by Karin Filipsson.

Dark-haired man wearing a white shirt and black blazer staring at camera.

from She Doesn't Remember by Jonas Brun

Jonas Brun's honest and searching account of his mother’s final years with dementia transports the reader beyond a lyrical encapsulation of a mother loved, mourned and lost, conveying the vibrancy and achievements of a life well lived.
Translated by Andy Turner.

Blonde woman with hair tied back, wearing a nose ring and leather jacket

Europe by Olivia Bergdahl

Olivia Bergdahl's spoken-word poem Europa is a searing interrogation of the concept and legacy of 'Europeanness'.
Translated by Linda Schenck.

Blonde woman standing in front of tower blocks in red scarf

from Health & Care by Olivia Bergdahl

In her latest book, spoken-word poet Olivia Bergdahl explores what it means to be cast into the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis while pregnant, and to survive.
Translated by Linda Schenck.

book cover of Hanna Johansson


Saturated with the sights, sounds and tastes of Ermoupoli and loaded with simmering tensions, Hanna Johansson’s Antiquity is a suggestive exploration of desire, power, and the endless shifts of memory.

Book cover of Nina Wähä


Set in the South of France and inspired by cinema, Nina Wähä’s novel Babetta is a mysterious story of friendship in which nothing is as it seems.

Book cover of Gustav Tegby

Bortbytingar 1 – De överblivnas armé

Monsters from Nordic mythology and changelings disguised as human teenagers are loose on the streets of modern-day Stockholm in Changelings 1 – The Army of Orphans.

Book cover of Ellen Strömberg

Vi ska ju bara cykla förbi

Manda and her best friend Malin are inseparable. In We'll just ride past, it's them against their small-town world... or not so much ‘against’ but outside it, cycling round the periphery of anything thrilling, as the end of the school year looms and with it the end of their compulsory education.

Book cover of Jesper Hamark

Strejk. Frän satans svarta kvarnar till gigekonomin.

A closer look at the development of strikes that homes in on different aspects of industrial conflict, Jesper Hamark’s Strike. From Dark Satanic Mills to the Gig Economy offers some interesting ideas on the trade unionism and capitalism of today.

Book cover of Åke Smedberg

Jag faller som en sten genom tiden genom livet

Åke Smedberg, one of Sweden’s best-loved contemporary writers, presents a very Swedish genre: nature lyricism running like a red thread through a narrative, illuminated by bittersweet reminiscence.

Book cover of Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

Den uppgrävda jorden

Graphic novelist Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom’s first work, Palimpsest, was an exploration of her own adoption from Korea to Sweden. In Excavated Earth, a moving, painful work, she continues her artistry and advocacy by analysing adoptions – or, more accurately, baby thefts – from Chile to Sweden.

Book cover of Lydia Sandberg

Samlade verk

The most brilliant and beautiful woman you never saw in the best debut you’ve ever read? Collected Works braids three characters into an unforgettable story.

Book cover of Moa Romanova

På glid

A loosely autobiographical tale of touring musicians, anxiety, suicide and drug use, narrated in nail polish colours, Moa Romanova’s Off the Rails is an image-driven, witty and moving account of friendship.

Book cover of Pauline Riccius


The Twin Sisters is a captivating story about closeness, distance and exclusion, following the life of two young girls adopted from a Thai orphanage by a Swedish couple.

Book cover of Oskar Kroon

Vänta på vind

Have you ever dreamt of spending your summers on a remote Swedish island? Well, that’s exactly what the main character in Oskar Kroon’s children’s novel Waiting for the Wind gets to do in this heart-warming tale about freedom, sadness, loneliness, love, death, friendship and the sea.

Book cover of Bianca Kronlöf

Brev till mannen

In Letters to Men, comedian, actress, and author Bianca Kronlöf addresses the men in her own peer group to ask for their loyalty, help and commitment to the feminist struggle for gender equality.

Book cover of Johanna Holmström

Handbok i klardrömmar

Lucid Dreams: A User’s Manual is a collection of stories spanning suburbia, science fiction, loneliness, violence and sheer horror from Johanna Holmström, a past master of uncomfortable writing.

Cranes in cloudy Gothenburg port


Featuring works by Olivia Bergdahl, Jonas Brun, Karolina Ramqvist, Margit Silberstein, Jila Mossaed and more.